“The Knight”

Original Poem:


“The Knight”

I fool myself that I hear your footsteps

Tiptoeing gently up the stairs towards my quickening heart.

So long I stood blockaded against you.

A hardened fortress composed of leadened oak

And plated in hardened gold.

Bare and tempt-less;

Never catching any wandering eyes.

Content but alone

like a dragon guarding its long sought treasure.

In you walked like a conquering knight

Ready and able to destroy my defenses.

No shining knight, for

your armor was blackened by past heartache and torments.

Your dark hair tousled by the wind like dandelions in the breeze.

I was wasting in my lonely tower waiting for you to storm in.

But you stole in silently

Like the whisper of a summer breeze floating through my open window

Or the gentle pattering of rain along my stone ledges.

Thief that you are

you stole my defenses, but not my love:

That was given to you

Like a precious emerald

to wear in a locket down your chest.

With me your armor begins to shine again

Slowly shedding the rust and tarnish that had once hugged its hard surfaces

Until the metal is as brilliant as the glistening moon

The same brilliance that can now be found in my smile.




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