“A Love Beyond the Stars”

Original Poem:




I am the moon.

Quiet, full of mysteries, never discovered.

I am covered in craters of insecurities, imperfections.

They run deep and cover me.


He is the sun.

Warm, bright, radiant.


No one can deny his presence. He lights up the world

And all can see and marvel as he shines. Burns.


I am the moon, ever-changing, ever-present.

Present in the light and darkness.

He is the force that makes me shine

An altogether brighter being.

I glow from his magnificence.


Every day a new goodbye as he leaves to go light the world.

The world is envious of him but I bask in his brilliance.

Ever-present though hardly ever seen.

He burns bright, steady while I glow, change.

I guide his way back home.


The sun and the moon

Awaken. Awaken with your star-crossed love.




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