Poetry Saves

Writing is absolute medicine for me. Writing literally helped me stay alive during some of my darkest times last year. It was a way for me to express my feelings without fear of judgment or the fear of not being understood. During my worst seasons of depression I surprisingly turned to poetry as my favorite emotional outlet. Some of the poems I wrote talked about the darkness I was feeling, but some of it celebrated the tiny rays of light that shone through. Now, I am by no means a talented poet but it always takes a level of bravery to share the words that are traced upon your heart. So here is one of the poems I wrote last year. Maybe one day I’ll find the courage to share some of the more personal pieces of my poetry story, but for now, this poem is about the strength that can be found in love.


“I Glow Near In Tenor Exalted”

You hold the sun in your smile

Stardust sparkles in your eyes.

I see the entire expanse of the galaxy

Within their murky depths.

Your eyes captivate me like the soft whisper of a burning candle.

Your smile caresses me like silk set aflame.

There are hummingbirds gently tapping at the door of my heart.

My heart vibrates with the rhythm of your being

like the drumbeat of a song that I do not remember but never could have forgotten:

A jazz song with lyrics written on the ocean waves.

I dance with the melody.

Our souls dance under the open sky

Painted with the wisps of the Northern lights.

The colors twinkle

and whisper across your face like the fireflies born from my dreams,

Until my soul is exploding with the colors of you.

My love rains down on us like confetti until

We are untouchable.

Owning the world, being the world.

I handcraft my hope with the designs of your heart.

Your arms are a strongly blockaded fortress around me.

My resting ground is quivering with your radiance.

Capture me.

Shatter me.

Ignite me, my love

For I long to be set ablaze.





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